If someone was planning to break into a building,

So if they already know where valuable gadgets like smart TVs and laptops are located,

So this will help. A New Study Shows That A Cheap "Y-Peep"

A drone equipped with the device could allow them to do this by observing the walls of the building.

Canada's Waterloo Exploring Potential Security Problem

A team of university scientists led by Dr. Ali Abedi.

It exploits an existing technical weakness that researchers

Says "Humble Wi-Fi". This nickname refers to the fact that even within a password-protected Wi-Fi network,

Wi-Fi-enabled devices still respond to contact attempts made by another device within range.

This is where Y-Peep comes into play.

Made by scientists from off-the-shelf electronics worth only $20,

The 10-gram (0.4-oz) device mounted on an ordinary consumer drone,