Portland, Metal. - - Who believed that the Nets - such a group

Who has a worse story than Progress's season-ending episode -

 can put together a game as they did on Thursday night

When they needed it most?

Getting committed to almost every aspect of your list,

 The Nets got their most important win of all time when Royce O'Neal

 The faltering absence of Kevin Durant gave the Nets a 109–107 victory over the Pioneers.

Kevin Durant leads all scorers with 35 points

and was one of six Nets to complete in double figures.

O'Neal hits his first career triple double

Finished with 11 placements, 11 assists and 11 bounce backs.

O'Neill said, "Kevin got a good look and if we missed

So I was about to crash the glass." "I usually don't hit my shots,

 Still, I think I hit the shot that made the biggest difference."

Yuta Watanabe was the second driving scorer with 20 placements and seven bounce backs.

Joe Harris and Ben Simmons scored 15-15 points.

Perhaps the main commitment came from Simmons, who played his best game as a Net.

Simmons fell off the seat to score 15 points, grab 12 rebounds and seven assists.

On top of all that, when Portland fouled the famously unfortunate foul shooter