Shares of PayPal fell more than 5% in overnight exchanges,

Despite beating profit and earnings estimates for the second from last quarter

Because the company's Q4 earnings fell behind analysts' assumptions.

$1.08 per share, X-Things, versus 96 paise expected

Earnings: $6.85 billion, compared to $6.82 billion expected according to Refinitiv

Analysts estimated the company's Q4 revenue to come in at $7.38 billion,

Which isn't really a compromise assumption of $7.74 billion.

PayPal raises EPS guidance for full fiscal year

adding that it has benefited from a "sustained efficiency drive".

It expects to add 8 to 10 million net new dynamic customers in the financial year.

The organization said it is working with Apple

in order to upgrade your contributions to PayPal and Venmo,