The Mac MacBook Masters have begun to open up in light of the new M2 Ace SoC. while this is to be expected

The lower limit drives are noticeably slower than the higher limit ones, it seems

The new partition-level M2 Genius MacBook Master 14's SSD is noticeably slower than the M1-compatible MacBook Star 14's.

It's a rehash of what we've seen before with the M2-based MacBook Pro 13 and its M1 counterpart.

MacBook Pro 14 with M1 Master Has 512GB SSD, According to Daniel of ZONEofTECH on YouTube

Up to 18% faster writes (3,450 MB/s) and half as fast reads (4,081 MB/s) compared to the new 512GB MacBook.

The Genius 14 (2,929 MB/s compose and 2,703 MB/s read) with the M2 Ace in the AJA Framework Test Circle benchmarks using 16 GB of 10-digit 4K test documents.

Commenter thinks it may be a case of the Mac using a single SSD module

Like we've found in the 256GB MacBook Air and MacBook Master with the M. 2 chip.