November is a bustling month for gaming, and with only half a month in,

The new Pokémon games Pokémon Red and Violet will appear on the Nintendo Switch.

However, this is not all. A Spic and Span Pokémon Red and Violet Switch OLED is currently also available in select locations.

YouTube channel Gaming Lane got its hands on one of these units first

And now transferred an unpacking video - Delight Con, Dock (there's also a Poké Ball),

And the actual swatches on both, showing off every single one of the flawless subtleties.

As seen recently, the game's new starter Pokémon Sprigatito, in the back of the unit,

Fucco and Quaxley's lighting involves a beautiful plan.

The dock is a sparkling pearl white and two new incredible Pokémon,

Uncovers Corydon and Miraidon.

This item is available at noon in the US and UK for $359.99/£319.99. You can learn more in our Pokémon guide: